Vey Smithers, Director

Antiqua, Guatemala

To  the 1st Community Library for the Children and Families! Click photo for a folk dance by children at the Grand Opening. (via YouTube)

From Architect's (donated) Rendering...

The current Board of Directors and Officers of PAVA Foundation are shown below. These individuals serve enthusiastically in a volunteer capacity. Budgeted funding requests are assessed and processed each semester to PAVA Guatemala.

Please visit PAVA Guatemala's new website at  to better appreciate the scope and impact of the work they do in the Highland communities of their country. Community libraries and student scholarships are priorities.

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In 1986, PAVA Foundation was formed in New Mexico as an IRS 501 (c) (3) organization with the mission of raising funds in support of PAVA Guatemala, an NGO created in 1984 to provide aid programs for the Highland communities.We want to share our continuing journey with YOU.

Dr. Darin Portnoy, Director

Brooklyn, NY

George Lamb, President

New York, NY

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PAVA Foundation

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Lizzie Cone KimballDirector

Silver Spring,  MD

Aila Erman, Director

St. Petersburg, FL

     "Programa de Ayuda a los Vecinos del Altiplano"
      PAVA is the Spanish Acronym for:   Aid Program for Highland Communities ... in Guatemala

Albert Schoppenhorst, Treasurer

Roswell, GA